With the upcoming return of “The Walking Dead” Season 6, AMC has been slowly ramping up its efforts to tease what’s in store for the group of survivors. Following the midseason finale’s massive cliffhanger ending, fans are expecting a drastically different tone and set of circumstances when the hit drama returns.

As noted on the show’s official blog, individual installments of a collage teaser poster for Season 6 were released on Instagram before unveiling the finished product Tuesday. Now that the finished product has been revealed, it’s time to take a serious look at the details.

The Walking Dead "The Walking Dead" released a collage of new images to tease the upcoming return of Season 6 and the pictures have a lot of potential spoilers. Photo: AMC Upon first glance, there are some not-so-surprising images in “The Walking Dead” teaser, such as a close up of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), a structure burning in the distance and an RV stopped in the middle of an abandoned road. However, the remaining images are a lot more complicated to decipher.

1. Morgan On Horseback

One panel shows the only other direct shot of a character that isn’t the series’ principal star, Grimes. Morgan Jones (Lennie James) is seen riding a horse and holding his trusty bow staff. However, there’s no context as to where he is and how he managed to get himself separated from the rest of the Alexandria survivors. He doesn’t appear to be in the Alexandria safe zone, given that it was overrun when last fans saw it. With Morgan clearly escaping the fray, one wonders why he finds himself on horseback and alone.

2. Dead Woman Walking?

The third panel from the top left shows a zombified woman being grabbed by a stranger’s hand. The image doesn’t show any faces, but CinemaBlend notes that the zombie character in question may be none other than Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh). Between the wedding ring, necklace and watch, the person in the picture hints pretty heavily that fans may get to see what happened to Deanna after she allowed herself to be overrun by walkers inside of her home.

3. Zombies In Chains

This image wasn’t among those that were posted to the show’s Instagram account, but it managed to make it into the collage all the same. It features walker hands that appear to have been handcuffed and chained together. While this doesn’t exactly tell much, fans of the comic books may raise an eyebrow at the concept of capturing and containing walkers. With the show finally promising the introduction of the villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), this may be an indication that his gang of “Saviors” will use tamed walkers as personal security for their own safe haven. The safety method was featured heavily in the comic books and it appears that the show will continue to adapt Robert Kirkman’s original works quite closely.

4. Satellite

With the promotional poster promising “a larger world,” MTV News notes it looks like a satellite dish will be a part of that discovery. With the reveal that the Hilltop colony from the comic books will also make its way to the TV show it’s possible this new group of survivors will have a bit more of a technologically advanced camp. Then again, given the fact that the dish looks rusted to the core, it’s also possible they’ve just got a giant defunct dish taking up some of their real estate.

Unfortunately, fans will just have to wait until the show returns on Feb. 14 to see how the new introductions and larger world will be presented when “The Walking Dead” returns for the last eight episodes of Season 6.

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC Sunday, Feb. 14.