“The Walking Dead” may be based on comic books, but the AMC series hasn’t exactly followed the pages. Since the show began in 2010, fans have been kept on the edge of their seats as the writers decided to take different routes and incorporate new characters. But that might all change in the second half of Season 6.

Last week, the midseason finale concluded with a section introducing comic book villain Negan. Although the character didn’t actually appear on screen, it was the first time that his name was mentioned. Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus) and the other survivors still don’t know what they’re up against, but readers of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels know that gruesome and horrible developments lie ahead.

As previously reported, Negan will be played by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The 48-year-old “Good Wife” and “Extant” alum won’t be bringing the infamous villain to life on screen until the Season 6 finale – but he’s already teasing what fans can expect.

“As far as I know, it’s going to be very much parallel to the comic books,” he revealed to TV Guide. “If you know what’s coming, then I don’t have to tell you.”

“Walking Dead” showrunner Scott M. Gimple also promised that the drama that plays out on screen will be taken from the comics. He explained to Entertainment Weekly that while there are a “lot of moments directly out of the book when it comes to the Saviors,” fans will also get to see some “really cool expansions of the comic story.”

“And some hard left turns from the comic story that do eventually wind up with a lot of very familiar small scenes from the book and big scenes from the book,” he added.

For those unfamiliar with the graphic novels, Negan is the leader of a group of survivors called the Saviors and carries around a weapon he calls Lucille. His weapon of choice is a bat wrapped in barbed wire -- and he uses it to kill a fan-favorite character in the comics, among other horrible things.

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