Fans of “The Walking Dead” are getting impatient. Season 6 of the AMC series is heading into its sixth episode, and Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) fate still hasn’t been resolved. With the recent announcement that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be joining as comic-book villain Negan, some viewers are worried that Glenn’s storyline won’t be revisited until the season finale. However, it appears fans will get answers sooner rather than later.

For those unfamiliar with Negan, he’s the ultimate bad guy in Robert Kirkman’s “Walking Dead” graphic-novel series. Negan is the leader of a group of survivors called the Saviors. But this group isn’t interested in helping others. They terrorize safe-haven communities, forcing them to exchange supplies and food for protection. Those that don’t cooperate pay the price.

In the comic books, Rick and his crew kill a couple of members of the Saviors. Negan retaliates by attacking Rick and some members of his group while they are outside the walls of Alexandria. As payback for Rick killing his men, Negan chooses one of Rick’s to die: Glenn. Negan uses his beloved weapon, a bat covered in barbed wire named “Lucille,” to beat Glenn to death.

Of course, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” doesn’t follow the comics exactly. In episode 3 of Season 6, Glenn was seemingly sent to his death when Nicholas (Michael Traynor) shot himself in the head. The two were on top of a dumpster and surrounded by walkers when Nicholas chose to kill himself. He collapsed onto Glenn, knocking him off the dumpster and into the sea of walkers.

The episode showed walkers appearing to rip into Glenn and pulling out his intestines. However, some fans have been speculating that the walkers were actually ripping apart Nicholas, whose body fell on top of Glenn.

After the episode, showrunner Scott M. Gimple confirmed to “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick that “some version” of Glenn, or at least “parts” of him, will be revisited in Season 6. Two episodes later, however, the show has yet to cut back to the fan-favorite character.

But fret not, it doesn’t appear “Walking Dead” viewers will have to wait until the finale to see Glenn again. Actor Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron, told that the big Glenn reveal is “right around the corner.”

He explained, “The showrunner and the writers are not planning on keeping the audience in suspense the entire season”

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