The character Negan may be one of the big bad villains set to join the upcoming “The Walking Dead” season 6B, however, the series’ showrunner revealed that Negan may not be the biggest threat to beloved characters of the AMC series. 

“The Walking Dead” season 6B promises to be another exciting addition to the zombie apocalyptic series with the addition of the villain Negan, to be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, Negan is one of the most violent characters in “The Walking Dead.” However, a statement recently released by showrunner Scott Gimple, hinted that the upcoming season’s biggest danger may not be coming from Morgan’s Negan, Cinema Blend reported.

“Some of the scariest people in the back half of the season are our people. These characters are at their strongest right now, but the problem is, the threats of the world are also at their strongest. We'll see these immovable objects meet,” Gimple stated. 

However, it does not mean that Negan would not be threat to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and other characters in “The Walking Dead.” Gimple also shared in an interview that loyal fans will see a Negan “brought to life straight out of the books," Comic Book reported. This hinted that comic book events such as Steven Yeun’s character Glenn Rhee’s death under the hands of Negan would likely happen in the upcoming “The Walking Dead” season. Gimple even teased that the second half of season 6 will be a tough season, not only for fans but for the series’ cast and crew. "The back half of the season will involve some crying and screaming at the TV set," he revealed.

Showrunner Greg Nicotero also told Empire Magazine that “The Walking Dead” season 6B will be “heartbreaking” season, according to a separate Comic Book report. "If you read the comic book, you know we're climbing towards a major death," he teased. Nicotero’s statement may also be referring to Glenn death which happened soon after Negan was introduced in “The Walking Dead” comic books.

Meanwhile, apart from Negan, another villain is also set to join “The Walking Dead” season 6B. Xander Berkeley will play the leader of the Hilltop Colony, Gregory. The character has been described as a cowardly person, however, he will make Rick and other characters’ lives a living hell.

“The Walking Dead” season 6B returns on Feb. 14 on AMC.