Even though we’re knee deep in the waters of “Fear the Walking Dead,” fans everywhere are still wondering how things will play out on AMC’s flagship zombie series, “The Walking Dead.” After ending Season 6 on a massive cliffhanger that left one character’s life hanging in the balance, fans now think they know which character will be dead at the dawn of Season 7. 

For those that need a refresher, Season 6 of the drama ended with the introduction of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his promise to kill one of the members of the Alexandria group as penance for all the trouble they’ve caused him. While someone definitely ends up on the business end of Negan’s barbed-wire baseball bat, no one is sure who it was. 

Despite the ending being shrouded in mystery, fans now believe that they’ve got a bit of insight into the outcome thanks to a casting announcement from one of the show’s principal actors. Steven Yeun, who has played Glenn on the show since Season 1, episode 2, has been cast in a new movie. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he’ll have a part to play in the new movie “Okja” from “Snowpiercer” filmmaker Bong Joon-Ho. When the announcement was made, no one thought too much of it as cast members on “The Walking Dead” often pick up side projects while the show is on break.

However, HitFix reports that “The Walking Dead” Season 7 is supposed to go into production on May 2, which could pose a big problem for the actor, but only if he has plans on returning to the Georgia set of the show. The outlet reports that a lot of the filming on “Okja,” which also stars Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano, is currently filming in Seoul, South Korea. While it’s unclear how big Yeun’s part in the movie is, the locations for filming don’t seem like they’d put him anywhere close to Georgia in time for production on Season 7. This news, coupled with the fact that Yeun’s character [SPOILER ALERT] is the one that dies at Negan’s hand in the comic books written by Robert Kirkman, has caused many to wonder if Glenn will die at the onset of Season 7. 

Fortunately for fans of the character, there’s still some hope for Glenn. Because there’s no word on how large the actor’s role is in the movie, he may very well be able to return to the set of “The Walking Dead” and squeeze in a small role in the film. Another possibility is that Yeun is already done filming the movie, as he very recently took a trip to South Korea with late-night host Conan O’Brien when he took his TBS talk show “Conan” to the country for an episode. However, this was prior to Yeun’s casting announcement, so it could just be a coincidence. 

Sadly, there’s really no way to tell which character will be getting the death sentence on the AMC series until it returns in October for Season 7.