Loyal fans of the hit AMC TV series “The Walking Dead” would always associate Norman Reedus with his on-screen tough character Daryl Dixon. However, the actor recently revealed in an interview that his TV and movie roles are very different from who is in real life.

Reedus has appeared in several movies, but is best known for his “The Walking Dead” TV character Daryl. The character is a fan favorite and the actor has garnered a loyal following. However, there are times when fans could get frantic during events.

Reedus recounted one such moment when he escaped a horde of fans into a waiting SUV while promoting his upcoming film, “Sky.” He shared in a phone interview with New York Daily News how he needed to fend off over-enthusiastic fans who would “grab on you” and “yank on you.” He also recalled how sometimes “bad things happen,” especially when a mob of fans would gather around him. “It’s all frantic,” Reedus commented.

He also shared that one of the security guards assigned to keep him safe got cut when a horde of fans gathered during an event. “So many people were leaning on each other that the bars were falling down. It’s manic,” Reedus stated.

Apart from talking about his experiences with a mob of fans, Reedus also spoke about his role in “Sky.” In the movie, the actor plays the lead character, Diego, who has been described as an “emotionally and physically damaged veteran.” He stars alongside Diane Kruger portraying French tourist Romy, who is looking to start a new life in Nevada.

In the interview, he commented on how he does not typically get offers to portray “leading man stuff.” Reedus, who also stars in the upcoming motorcycle series titled “Ride with Norman Reedus,” even admitted that he “got a little flustered” with French filmmaker Fabienne Berthaud who directed “Sky.”

The actor, who emits a bad-boy image, also confessed during an interview with Salon, that his real life persona was very different from his roles. When asked how much he resembles his “Sky” character Diego who gets into bar fights, as well as smokes and drinks, Reedus replied that he was the total opposite of the character.

“I’m kind of a wuss. I’m trying to quit smoking. I don’t get in bar fights ever. Maybe in high school I did…,” he shared.

Reedus' upcoming movie “Sky” is set for release on Friday, April 22.