Norman Reedus may portray a serious and crossbrow-skilled character in the AMC series “The Walking Dead.”  However, the actor has a silly side once the camera stops rolling and he recently revealed the prank war he had with Andrew Lincoln.

After spending several years filming the zombie apocalyptic series, the bond between cast members is expected to grow deeper.  Reedus’ friendship with his “The Walking Dead” co-star Lincoln has also grown and he even shared some of their funny antics during an appearance at “The Late Late Show with James Corden” Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly reported.  The two actors portray the characters Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes in the AMC series, respectively.

Reedus and Lincoln appear to have an ongoing prank war on the set of “The Walking Dead.” One of antics that Reedus shared was when he snuck into Lincoln’s car without the actor noticing.  Since then, Lincoln has been planning to get back at Reedus, however, the latter once again pulled a prank on him. 

“He was trying to plot, but he’s really bad at it to be honest.  So the last day of shooting for this latest season, he walked into his trailer and I’d filled it full of chickens,” Reedus stated.

Meanwhile, Reedus also shared a weird experience where a fan bit him during a Walker convention in December 2015.  The actor recounted the moment during an interview on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show that aired Tuesday, Huffington Post reported.  He jokingly mentioned how the over-excited fan “morphed into a werewolf” while they were taking a picture together.

"She kinda started to shake and then went up like this and howled and then she came down and bit me on the ... chest,” Reedus said.

The said fan was banned from the event, after security personnel escorted her away from the Walker convention.  Shortly after the incident, the fan apologized to Reedus through an Instagram post.  She wrote that she “[didn’t] know what came over [her]” and that she “got excited” being near the actor. 

Reedus did not press charges, although he did share a funny message on his Instagram account where he reminded fans not to bite him.  He uploaded a photo of himself with the words “Do Not Bite Me” written across his shirt.  He stated on the social media site, “Umm, please don’t.”

Avid fans can see both Lincoln and Reedus battle new threats in “The Walking Dead” Season 6 that airs every Sunday on AMC.