Fingers crossed that the sequal is half as good as the original.  The casting of Shia LaBeouf scares me...really of all the young actors in Hollywood, other than the guy from Spiderman I cannot think of another guy who would least fit the typecast of a  testosterone laden Wall Street jock.  That said, in this era of quant domination I suppose the typical jock now is more like the Silicon Valley guy tinkering with his new social media site, rather than the trader of the 80s.

Apr 23, 2010... I await you.

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Let us only hope that like the original, this glamorizes the Street so that a new era of America's smartest youth is drawn away from taking their skill set to sciences, math and engineering (the Chinese and Indians do it cheaper anyhow) and draws them to the hallowed halls of Goldman, JPMorgan, Morgan, and the quant hedge funds!