width=151If you work on Wall Street or other geographical fast-paced corporate life - long hours, constant travel, business dinners - then you are fully aware of how difficult it is to eat healthy and lose weight given your frenzied work life. But your life and your waistline just got a break thanks to the book The Wall Street Diet: The Surprisingly Simple Weight Loss Plan for Hardworking People Who Don't Have Time to Diet, by dietitian Heather Bauer. Bauer offers manageable strategies and solutions for those who don't have time to count calories but still need to shed a few pounds, or just want to better navigate through a buffet fundraiser dinner.

width=153The book begins by asking you if you are a member of the Clean Plate Club or the Controlled Eater club. This classification then determines what diet course you will follow. Offering ways for handling tempting office parties, airport food courts, pastry-heavy conference meetings, and other common business situations, The Wall Street Diet doesn't provide any diet information that you haven't already heard, but it does offer practical and effective solutions for how to lose weight and improve your health all while managing your unique lifestyle.


  • Offers practical and healthy solutions
  • Does not promote deprivation
  • Educates reader on important nutrition principles
  • Realistic approach for business men and women
  • Author is a recognized and respected expert in the field


  • Tailored to people who work


The Wall Street Diet's primary focus is to make losing weight an easy part of leading a busy work life. Bauer provides nutritional guidelines that are the staple of most diets, such as avoiding sugar, refined carbs and fried foods; but she also provides tips for dealing with functions and meetings where food is a centerpiece. Included are tips like reading restaurant menus ahead of time for healthier options, how to eat at buffets, fast-food calorie cheat-sheets that keep calories in check while not feeling deprived or standing out at important dinner meetings.

Wall Street Diet does provide an outline for meal suggestions, which can help you to easily put together a daily plan for eating without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. One day following the Wall Street Diet might look like this:

  • Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean or Fiber One cereal with low-fat or soy milk
  • Lunch: 6-8 pieces sashimi, miso soup or green salad
  • Snack: Any palm-sized fruit or 2 Laughing Cow Light cheese with 2 fiber-rich crackers
  • Dinner: Your choice of a lean protein with vegetable and optional starch
  • Snack: Sugar-free Jell0O or sugar-free Jell-O pudding
  • Dessert: Three nights a week allow yourself an after-dinner treat


The Wall Street Diet recognizes how difficult it is to find time to exercise. Rather than exercise starting immediately, Bauer has you build up to implementing a fitness regimen. Included are effective 20-minute exercise programs that should be done three times a week. Bauer also includes tips for how to exercise when you're on the road, the best workout videos and how to exercise at home.


The Wall Street Diet is a practical and effective weight loss guide for those who lead hectic corporate lives. Rather than spending time preparing meals, counting calories and working out at the gym, author and dietitian Heather Bauer offers simple and effective ways for you to lose weight and regain your health while still maintaining overtime-fueled work week.

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