FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Markets in the US rose on Tuesday but finished far from intra-day highs. An increase in consumer confidence and also in housing prices lifted stocks. Also crude-oil futures jumped to $75 a barrel. But then Wall Street pullback and oil ended with a 3% decline. The Dow Jones rose 0.30% ending at 9540 but after the opening bell the index was at 9620. Dollar and Yen got stronger during the American session. Cable extended losses.

EUR/USD currently is at the 1.4300 zone, attempting to get back above. The pair lost previous gains during the American session after being rejected form 1.4365.

USD/JPY fell on Tuesday but so far managed to stay above 94.00. In case the pair breaks below the Yen could gain momentum. The Japanese currency also rose to GBP, CHF and JPY. GBP/JPY is holding below 154.00 and today the pair tested the lows of the month at 153.30. EUR/JPY fell for second day in a row but ended far from intra-day low (133.95). The pair is back above 134.00 but is still under pressure.

Cable was among the worst performers of Tuesday, falling across the board. EUR/GBP rose reaching a two-month high and is ending the day above 0.8700 again. The Pound also tumbled against the Swiss Franc. GBP/CHF fell for the fifth consecutive day posting a fresh two-month low at 1.7305 (the lowest price since June 8).