FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Stocks rose in the U.S. with the Nasdaq reaching new high for the year. Dollar extended losses during the American session across the board and in the last hours moved away from the lows of the day. Crude oil jumped and gold is also rising but holds below $1,100.

The Dow Jones rose only 0.01% and the Nasdaq gained 0.74%. The rise in commodities help stocks reverse after a weak start following the report on new home sales that came much lower than expected and a drop in consumer confidence.

Dollar is falling across the board for the first time in the week. EUR/USD holds above 1.4300. USD/JPY managed to rise above 91.55 after falling to 91.30. USD/CHF fell to a one-week low at 1.0357 and then moved away from the lows but still trades below 1.0400. Currencies tied to commodities are posting important gains.