FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Bad day for European and American markets. The DAX fall 4,1% and FTSE 100 (London) 2.5%. Wall Street deepens it losses to more than 3%. Gold rises and oil falls giving signals that investors are looking for safer positions.

The dollar was beneficiated and rose strong against euro and cable. EUR/USD after falling to fresh one-month low at 1,2888 rebounded to 1,2930 which is now a resistance zone. The pair continues to move in a down trend. GBP/USD reach the lowest price since April 2 and fall down to 1,4500. The pair has resistance at 1,4555 and a support zone at 1,4510. So far today, GBP/USD is falling 1.70%.

USD/JPY broke the support at 98,20 and then 97,80 suggesting that today fall may not be over. Now the pair is heading toward the next support area. Against the rest of the currencies the yen has also risen strong, making GBP/JPY fall 3% and EUR/JPY 2,30%.

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