Fxstreet.com (Barcelona) - After falling yesterday, Wall Street is rising as banks and techs shares are rebounding. US Stocks are extending the biggest monthly rally for global equities since 2003. Yen is falling across the board.

S&P 500 is rising 1.87%, Nasdaq gains 2.47% and Dow Jones is posting 1.82% increases, around 137 points to 7.522.09.

USD/JPY is rising 1.85% from the 97.42 opening price and it has reached the 99.40 level, currently the pair is trading above 99.00.

GBP/JPY has risen 2.30% from 138.89 opening price to 141.98. The pair has reached 142.26 and currently is trading above the 142.00 level.

EUR/JPY has gained 2.30% from 128.48, opening price, to the currently 131.40. The pair has reached 131.71 as highest.