FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Markets in the U.S. finished mix but far from intra-day highs. The Dow Jones ended only 3 points above the opening level and was able to end on top of 9500. Crude-oil rose posting a fresh 10-month high but ended one dollar below intra-day high. Greenback rose across the board during the American session. The Yen was the best performer of the day.

EUR/USD tested the lows of the day at 1.4280 but failed to break below. Currently the pair is regaining the 1.4300 zone. The pair is heading toward the first daily loss after four days.

GBP/USD started to fell after the opening bell in Wall Street. Cable could not hold above 1.6500 and rallied downside bottoming at 1.6390. Currently the pair is back above 1.6400, 0.50% below today's opening price. The Pound fell to a two-month low against the Euro. EUR/GBP is above 0.8700.

The Yen rose across the board and extended gains during the American session. USD/JPY is on consolidation mode moving in a range between 94.55 and 94.40. The Japanese currency also rose against EUR, CHF and GBP.