Fxstreet.com (Barcelona) - US stocks advance today after the yesterday's losses on the surprising 22.2% increase on housing starts, the largest increase since 1990.

Dow Jones is rising 1.09%, Nasdaq 100 2.10% and S&P 500 has improved its numbers by 1.69%, Wall Street is recouping yesterday's losses and it has potential to continue its rally for the rest of the session.

After the Pound reacted down from the channel top at 1.4230, yesterday's high and falls from the 1.4115 in the early today's US American session, the GBP/USD has found support at 1.3962 to be rejected up above the 1.4000 level. Currently, the Cable is trading around the 1.4020/30 band, fighting the 1.4040 resistance

The EUR/USD is in range, fighting for the 1.3000 level too and looking for direction ahead the FOMC decision. The USD/JPY was rejected by the 99.00 again and the pair fell below 98.50, currently the pair is trading around the 98.50/70. Since Feb 25, the USD/JPY has been traded between the 96.80 and 99.00 flat channel