Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama have already made use of lotteries to entice donations, promising a chance to meet the presidential candidate with a small contribution.

But if neither Romney nor Obama get you hopping out of your seat, what about George Clooney?

The Obama campaign e-mailed supporters Thursday night and Friday morning advertising a chance to meet the actor and the president at a high-end fundraiser at Clooney's Los Angeles house - with a donation of $3 or more.

Clooney is hosting supporters at his home next month to help build support for this campaign and elect President Obama in November. And he's saving seats for two grassroots supporters like you and their guests, wrote Deputy Campaign Manager Julianna Smoot in the e-mail.

It's just not a chance most people get - well, ever.

Clooney also supported Obama in 2008, but stayed away from actively campaigning for him. He told CNN back then he was afraid hitting the trail would be a slippery slope.

I feel that at times you can harm the person that you are trying to help, he said four years ago. I don't want to damage anybody.