MMA fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver, who goes by War Machine, recently returned to Twitter. The 32-year-old athlete, who was arrested on charges including assault and kidnapping, has been absent on the social-media site since tweeting about the August altercation that involved his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack, and a male friend. With no bail set after an arraignment in Las Vegas Wednesday, Koppenhaver has begun tweeting poetry ahead of his next court appearance Oct. 17.

“Roses are red, I found a man in our bed. Than to discover this ... I’d rather be dead,” War Machine posted in a tweet apparently directed toward Mack, a 23-year-old adult-film star. His words appear to echo similar tweets that were posted after news broke of the assault in August. “So hurt and confused, my heart has been abused. Too beautiful our plans, to not be used ... Publicity, money, fame. Is this all just a game? It was you who I love ya know ... not just a name.”

War Machine ended his post with a message to readers that he’s “that bored.” “Hope you enjoyed the attempt at levity (at my expense) in the first 2 lines … FML,” he concluded.

Koppenhaver’s poetry continued with another long Twishort post about the “pain” he is in, and how he “prays for the reaper.” His latest creative expression came Saturday, referencing his MMA name -- War Machine.

“A machine of war, yet scared to death. But on my oath I’ll fight, ‘till my last breath,” he wrote. “It’s all or nothing, I’ll not submit. There’d be no glory. I’ll risk all of it. Only the brave can know, a victory so sweet. Only the brave reap the rewards ... of no retreat.”

As we previously reported, Koppenhaver has been proclaiming his innocence since the Aug. 8 incident involving Mack and her male acquaintance. The MMA fighter claimed he went to surprise his girlfriend with an engagement ring and to “help her set up her show.” However, he said that when he arrived he “ended up fighting for his life.”

In a statement, Mack said she suffered 18 broken bones around her eyes, a broken nose, several missing or broken teeth, a fractured rib, a “severely” ruptured liver and “several lesions” from a knife. The adult-film actress claimed Koppenhaver broke up with her in May and arrived at her house unannounced at 2 a.m. While the MMA fighter said he “ended up fighting for his life,” Mack said she and her male friend were “fully clothed and unarmed” when Koppenhaver attacked “without a single word spoken.”

War Machine was detained by authorities at an Extended Stay America hotel in Simi Valley, Calif., in early August, and returned to Nevada to stand trial.