Warner Bros. has released the first full-length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, coming out next summer on July 20, exclusively on iTunes, according to reports.

The Dark Knight Rises has already been part of an extensive digital campaign to promote the film, which will be the final one in Christopher Nolans' Batman trilogy. In July, the studio released the first teaser trailer for the film via Facebook. The much-anticipated upcoming film seems to be following suit of the second film, The Dark Knight, which had an expansive digital and viral campaign of its own.

The newest full-length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has also predictably made its way to YouTube, in which case site administrators can quickly remove it before you know it. If that's the case, then in order to view the trailer, you need to go to iTunes and have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer.

Warner Bros. has continued to use social media to display movie posters for The Dark Knight Rises and keep fans updated with upcoming news.

The IMAX version of Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol includes the eight-minute prologue to the film that has Bane, played by Tom Hardy, hijacking a military plane. That prologue was part of a bigger digital campaign for the movie and the Mission: Impossible series as a whole.

The new Dark Knight Rises trailer can be viewed on iTunes here.