Warner Bros. has picked up a pitch about an American POW in Japan who stays after the war and becomes a Yakuza gangster, TheWrap has confirmed.

"The Outsiders" was producer John Linson's idea. Andrew Baldwin is writing the script and Linson is producing with his father, Art Linson.

Warners bought the movie on the strength of the pitch.

The Linsons are executive producers of FX's "The Sons of Anarchy."

The elder Linson is among the most prolific and successful producers in Hollywood. He produced the groundbreaking 1982 "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," 1993's "This Boy's Life," 1995's "Heat" and last year's "The Runaways."

John Linson also produced "The Runaways" and the 2005 skateboard biopic "Lords of Dogtown."

The two have a first-look television deal with Fox.