Warrior Girl Corp. dedicates their efforts to helping achieve effective energy independence for the United States. The Company does this through using unconventional methods and new technologies for developing non-traditional hydrocarbon deposits. Trading on the Pink Sheets, Warrior Girl Corp.’s first enterprise involves and centers on the use of an innovative, environment-friendly technology. This technology is to extract oil from tar sand/tar shale in the western United States.

Warrior Girl Corp.’s extraction technology recovers over 99 percent of the available oil present in tar sands. Their process is environment friendly. In addition, there is no exploration risk involved and no decline curve with the process. The extracted oil goes out for sale to refineries throughout the Intermountain West of the United States. With the Company’s process, the left over sand can be used as a premium construction material, for use as backfill, or for numerous other commercial purposes.

In April, Warrior Girl Corp. announced that they signed an acquisition agreement with American Resources Energy. This agreement is to acquire two separate licenses for their oil sand and oil shale extraction process. The Company also signed a contract to recover oil on property controlled by AREC in Utah. This property has proven recoverable oil reserves of more than 60 million barrels. These deposits, and surrounding lands in Utah, are the most accessible and highest-grade oil sands deposits in the world.

At the end of May, Warrior Girl Corp. announced that they engaged Princeton Research, Inc. for ongoing investor relations services. Princeton Research is a full service investment relations firm. They will help Warrior Girl Corp. issue press releases, answer shareholder questions, respond to investor inquiries, promote the Company on a nationally syndicated radio show, and highlight them at financial trade shows.

On Monday of this week, Warrior Girl Corp. announced that a Company representative would appear on “The Bill Chippas Show” Thursday June 11, 2009. The representative will talk today about the Company’s innovative process of extracting oil from tar sand and the potential represented by the technology. Discussion will also cover upcoming positive developments expected for the Company.

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