The recently lost iPhone 5 still remains missing, though the investigators have found the house from which the lost device was emanating signals.

The San Francisco Police Department has admitted to accompanying Apple investigators to the man’s home.

Surprisingly, SFPD told the SF Weekly that the police did not get inside the man’s home along with the Apple investigators.

Calderon, the owner of the house said in an interview that none of the investors acknowledged being Apple’s employees, and one of them offered him $300 and said if he returned the phone, no charges would be pressed against him.

He confirmed only two of the six people who came by, entered his house and they did not identify themselves as police officials.

It is hard to believe that the police officials who accompanied the Apple employees did not get inside the man’s house for investigation.

The iPhone 5 story is unverifiable and consistently changing.

It is not even verified if the lost device was an iPhone 5 prototype or Apple was trying to retrieve some kind of arbitrary test unit which isn’t set to become a consumer product.

Last year, before the release of iPhone 4, an Apple employee lost the prototype of iPhone 4 at a bar. Gadget site, Gizmodo bought the prototype from the person who found the phone, and released pictures and specs of the iPhone 4 before the company's official announcement. Gizmodo received legal threats for putting up pictures and releasing specs.

It is also surprising that the trusted Apple employees who are given the iPhone prototypes for testing, lose it at a bar and get away with the carelessness without being fired by the company.

The company’s loss of the iPhone prototypes twice before their release raises a lot of questions, the answers to which will not be clear until Apple comes up to comment on the alleged phone loss.

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