Jennifer Aniston turned heads when she accepted her award for Favorite Comedic Actress at CBS’ People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night.  

[Click here for a picture of the leather dress she wore to the 39th PCAs.]

Though there were some mixed reviews regarding the actress’ attire for the evening, the overall consensus was that the black leather dress was a hit.

Fans’ curiosity was piqued when the typically playful actress donned the bouncy leather Christian Dior dress.

The former “Friends” star’s stylist, Chris McMillan, reportedly explained to People magazine that Aniston wanted to look like a "bad girl in a pretty dress,” according to

The balance out the ensemble, McMillan figured he would keep her hair looking “California babysitter.”

The celebrity stylist told the magazine Thursday:

"It's that hair that I always thought was cool when the sitter came over.”

To make the look a success he used Living Proof hair products.

"It's just good, sexy hair,” he said.

Speaking of leather-loving stars, Kim Kardashian and her beau Kanye West love to romp around in their matching leather outfits.

West recently wore a leather Givenchy skirt while performing at the 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy relief benefit concert in New York.

In a VH1 poll, more than 85 percent of voters favored Aniston’s dress over West’s skirt.

Even though West is rocking what is typically thought of as female attire and Kardashian makes millions by airing all of her personal business, Aniston doesn’t hold anything against them.

"There’s nothing wrong with Kim Kardashian and all those people," the “Wanderlust” star says in the upcoming  documentary "$ellebrity." "If that's how they choose to make a living, more power to them."

But then she added:

"My line of work is different. I want to entertain people."