Michael Jackson was in reasonably good health at the time of his death opposing numerous media reports that portrayed him as terribly skinny and sick, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

The news agency which obtained the autopsy reports, says that Jackson's arms were covered with punctures, his face and neck were scarred and his eyebrows, eyes and lips were tattooed.

Details unveiled today by the Associated Press include:

-He was 5.9 feet and weighed 136 pounds.

-He suffered a skin disease that reduced pigment and left patches of white skin.

-He suffered of Osteoarthritis in the lower spine and some fingers.

-He had multiple scars behind his ears, along one shoulder, at the base of his neck and near his navel.

- His lungs were inflamed. The rest of the organs were normal including his heart.

- No illegal drugs or alcohol were detected. The anesthetic propofol was found in his system along with four other sedatives, Lidocaine (a painkiller) and a resuscitative drug.

-He had bruises in his chest and sternum and several ribs fractured due to CPR attempts.