Wataire International, Inc. is a development stage company with corporate headquarters in Woodland Hills, California. They engage in the marketing and distribution of commercial and home/office atmospheric water generation machines in the United States. Trading on NASDAQ’s OTCBB, the Company is part of the Diversified Machinery industry in the Industrial Goods sector.

Wataire’s target customers include businesses, governments, and people situated in the humid tropics around the world. The Company also owns intellectual property relating to a water treatment process and devices for water-from-air machines. Wataire International has identified high-potential applications for Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) in 10 different markets.

The company will initially target the following markets: military applications; oil and mining operations; new and existing tourist resorts, beverage bottling plants, and new luxury condominium developments where they can supply an AWG as a fitted appliance. Their target market also includes humanitarian missions that require AWGs. The Company’s strategy is to collaborate with one of the leading existing suppliers of products and services in each of these markets.

Wataire International, Inc. sells small-scale home/office units. These include an upright model and a countertop model to produce between four to seven gallons of water per day depending on humidity and temperature levels. They also sell commercial/industrial units that produce approximately 1,320 gallons of safe drinking water each day depending on ambient conditions. In addition, Wataire distributes related under-the-counter/over-the-counter units, and the water-producing greenhouse.

Atmospheric Water Generators are a new application of a well-known principle and an existing technology. They work by converting humidity in the air to water. Filtration and ultraviolet treatment ensures the drinking water is bacteria and virus free. Atmospheric Water Generators work using the same principle as a dehumidifier. The difference is that the water collects and stores rather than simply undergoing evacuation.