Wataire International, Inc., an international company focused on developing and delivering technology-based water harvesting and purification products, recently announced that the company has reached a major 3,500-unit milestone in the deployment of the award-winning and certified WII-4010 home/office model atmospheric water generator.

Distributing its products in more than 30 countries, Wataire International reports that the initial marketing and distribution of the WII-4010 home/office model has been very successful to date. With this initial phase completed, the company will continue to aggressively market its products directly and through distributors to secure a larger market share in the multi-billion dollar water industry.

Robert Rosner, CEO of Wataire International, Inc., stated, “There can’t be better proof of concept and market acceptance than having your products distributed to over 3,000 customers globally. This list of customers includes the very selective U.S. Navy, who purchased our commercial model CI-2500, which has the ability to produce 650 gallons of clean, safe drinking water per day, enough to supply 500 troops with their daily requirement of drinking water.” He continued, “This market is truly unique because water is a necessity, and it’s becoming a scarce resource in many places on earth. Our technology and products will enable the safe supply of water even in most challenging regions.”