A viral video called We're Not Young currently sweepign the internet and created by Yahoo portrays a sobering image of life as a 30-something as a counter-point to the hit song We Are Young, by Fun (and featuring Janelle Monae), which portrays 20-something life as free-wheeling and fun.

The original song has held on to its number one spot on the Billboard's hot 100, leading Yahoo to create funny though somewhat depressing spoof.

The parody blew up almost as quickly as the song, and already has over 600,000 views and 40,000 Facebook likes.

Adults in their 30s may be an easy target, but We're Not Young covers the entire range, from the married to unmarried, employed to unemployed as well as those facing weight gain and depression with lyrics like, Now I know that I'm fat, shut up about that. I guess I'll do elliptical, maybe I can finally do that yoga class. But I'll probably watch HD-TV, gonna stay at home and watch Modern Family.

Surprisingly, the video has received generally positive feedback from the demographic it mocks.

Yahoo commenter MelissaM wrote, Oh my god, this is me. Depressing and hilarious.

Another commenter, Screen, joked, Truth hurts along with my knees.

A fan admitted the viral video is, So true, it's scary! Very funny, and another asked, Should I laugh or cry?

Looks like 30-somethings haven't lost their sense of humor yet.

According to Yahoo the video's creators came up with the idea while out for dinner and complaining about their own lives. Co-creator Nate Smith told Yahoo, I'm 33. I'm on the verge of getting married. I am back and forth between NYC and LA -- not entirely sure where and when I'm going to settle. I am facing regular rejection with auditions and show pitches. I spend a lot of my time just scared and dealing with the fear. Oh -- did I just accidentally mistake this email for a page in my journal?

Co-creator Nick Ross added, The reaction of the video has been incredible....We wanted [it] to be relatable and sad. While we were shooting, we would direct everyone with degrees of sadness. 'Alright, now go to your level 8 sad and depressed... Great!' It startled me how many times people on the crew would crack up at the actors looking sad and forlorn into the camera. It gave us hope for the vid.