A video of two men riding a metro train while standing between two coaches in Montreal has gone viral, and has been viewed more than 67,000 times.

The video was uploaded on a Facebook page called “Spotted: STM” on Tuesday.

It appears from the video that the stunt was carried out on board an older metro train as the new Azur metro cars don't have a gap between two coaches.

The older metro trains sometimes have unlocked doors in between coaches. However, it is not easy to climb in the space between two coaches. Moreover, it is against the rules and dangerous.

“It is important to remind people that this type of behavior is dangerous,” Montreal’s transit authority, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), said in a statement Wednesday, according to reports.

The transit authority also condemned the behavior of the two men on Twitter. “A video showing 2 people standing between subway cars was brought to our attention. The STM condemns such behavior,” a translation of STM’s tweet read. In another tweet, the STM wrote, “These people have put in risk their own safety and that of other customers of the subway in addition to contravene the regulations of the STM”

The officials have not been able to identify the station where the incident took place; the identities of the two men are yet to be ascertained.

STM said they were looking into the matter.

As the video went viral, social media users criticized the two riders and asked officials to take strict steps. “This is how people die. One wrong move or if the metro suddenly has to stop then it's lights out gone, sometimes young people take chances we were all young once,” Facebook user Gerald Chartrand wrote.

“They will fall, die worse because of that again interrupt the service and make everyone late,” a translation of a post by Facebook user Francis Charpentier read.

“I wish them to fall. Really. They're stupid, stupid and mindless. They are harmful to human evolution. So I strongly wish that natural selection would do his job,” Gino Lauzon, another Facebook user wrote.

Some others recounted witnessing other people indulging in similar dangerous stunts on the metro.

“The other night I saw 3 kids around 16-17 jumping between cars as the metro was moving. At one stop they got off and then as the metro started accelerating, jumped (from the side walk) between the 2 cars. My heart stopped because I seriously thought he was going to fall...”  Facebook user Marcus Tomiuk wrote.

Careless attitude of people at metro stations or riding trains have also led to fatal consequences in the past.

In 2013, a woman died after she accidentally slipped between two coaches of a metro in Montreal. CCTV footage later revealed that the woman was engrossed in her cell phone when she walked in the gap between the two cars, leading to her death, reports said.