Because Robert Pattinson, is quite the musician himself, rumors are circulating if the Twilight star is coming up with an album.

Not only does Robert Pattinson make a marketable movie vampire, but he is also skilled in singing and playing the guitar. This is why rumors are buzzing if the actor is currently making his very first solo record while promoting the ongoing Twilight Saga. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but a spokesperson from the actor's team has denied the allegations of the actor recording his own album.

The report is untrue. He is not working on an album right now, said the spokesperson in a report by Ok! Magazine. The actor has already performed in public through the From a Room series, where musicians and celebrities play live music in random living rooms (video below).

When asked if he is willing to pursue his singing career, the actor gushed and claimed he is too shy to consider singing as a full time gig. The actor also mentioned that he is focused on acting at the moment, and that it will be better to master one craft at time rather than be a jack of all trades. Pattinson is also credited for two songs he sang for the Twilight soundtrack called Let Me Sign and Never Think.

Watch Robert Pattinson sing live for From a Room series in the video below: