In some circles, the discovery of the Higgs boson, announced Wednesday, might have been the biggest news in decades. The particle is the reason anything in the universe exists in the first place, so getting excited about the news is understandable.

Even for laymen, the so-called God particle has been a hot topic just about everywhere in the days since its discovery, but that doesn't mean everyone has heard of it.

Vice magazine traveled around the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and asked passerby to identify the subject of the most important discovery in modern science. This being Williamsburg, it's easy to picture the kind of people responding to the interview. Yes, it's mostly hipsters (and an old German man). Perhaps unsurprisingly, their answers don't make a whole lot of sense.

Admittedly, the Higgs boson is a difficult concept to understand. You can't blame someone for not knowing the ins and outs of the complex theoretical physics behind the discovery. But thinking the particle is a famous German entrepreneur is being a little too clueless about the whole affair.

Other choice descriptions for the discovery that defined scientist Peter Higgs' life and career are, A little European man who goes around flashing people, and Magic. And by magic, I mean drugs. Good to know they clarified that one.