One of the most exciting Super Bowl ad moments came when Jerry Seinfeld aired his super-secret commercial for the big game. The actor revived his beloved '90s character with the help of actors Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight.

Jerry sits in a car with George Costanza before they walk into Tom’s Restaurant. The two talk about Super Bowl XLVIII being in the Big Apple area for the first time, and begin a playful banter about how Jerry wanted to go to a friend’s house for the Super Bowl. The problem? George wasn’t invited. Last time he banged-and-cheered for the Giants a little too loudly. The act apparently went down in a friend’s master-bedroom bathroom.

Jerry makes a few quips about how he mumbled that he wanted to go to the party, so eventually George tells him to go for the second half. Suddenly his old “friend” Newman walks by to say “Hello.” Newman seemed to have been invited to the big party and had just stopped by to pick up some dessert -- that’s when Jerry changes his mind to go to attend the mutual friend’s event.  

Seinfeld currently has a Web series called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” which was promoted during the ad. It was played on Fox right before Bruno Mars took the stage during his Super Bowl Halftime performance. The clip aired played on television was 1:29 minutes long, but the full bit, which is nearly 7 minutes, can be viewed on the “Comedians Getting Coffee In Cars” website here.

Twitter users were pretty pleased with the commercial, with many people saying they couldn’t believe how the characters looked. Many felt George looked essentially the same but that Jerry has changed a great deal since the show originally aired. 

Watch the commercial below: 

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