Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga!

On Monday, Lady Gaga celebrated her 25th birthday. Like most people her age, the pop star decided to celebrate her birthday with a nice dinner with friends.

During her dinner at a Mexican restaurant the mariachi band started playing Born This Way. Mother Monster did not hesitate to jump on stage and join the band for the sing-a-long.

Lady Gaga, with her hair pulled up and holding a bottle of wine, jumped on to the stage and sang along to her hit single.

Born This Way has been at the top of the Billboard chart for several weeks now.

The pop star has also been very active with raising money for earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan. She recently donated $1.5 million to Japan.

In honor of Lady Gaga's birthday we also compiled a photo gallery with her top ten outfits in the past few years. Click here to view it.