A Moore, Okla., man has few words after he comes out of his family’s storm cellar. He decided to record the moment, and it has since gone viral.

“The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away,” he says as the camera pans the rubble that was once his home. “Wow."

The sky is cloudy, and it appears to be raining and windy. Piles of wooden debris, broken trees and leveled homes are in the camera’s view during the 40-second video. The video was posted to YouTube on Monday and has more than 255,000 views.

The tornado tore through the Oklahoma City area on Monday. The EF4 tornado had up to 200 mph winds and killed 24 people, including seven children. Groups like the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and Operation USA, among others, have started efforts to help victims of the natural disaster.

Recently, a Facebook group that has helped other tornado victims recover their damaged photos expanded its efforts to help Moore residents, the Huffington Post reports. Members are asked to post photos of personal belongings and documents found to help reunite them with their owners.

Some have posted baby and family photos -- some found as far away as Tulsa.

"I'm just trying to help," Leslie Hagelberg, the group’s founder, told the Huffington Post. "I couldn't imagine losing my kids' pictures."