Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, seems to be moving up in the world. The mother just moved into an expensive new house in the Mojave Desert. Octomom delivered a tour of the new house to RumorFix.

Suleman became famous in 2009 after delivering octuplets while she already had six children at home. She soon found herself in a dire financial situation because of her extra children. The new 5,000 square foot home, however, seems to show that she’s doing better.

Suleman was able to finance the new house by performing solo in an adult film. While many online have criticized the so-called “Octomom” for the performance, it does appear to have placed her children in a much more financially-stable situation.

According to Suleman, maintaining the new house is plenty of work for the 14-time mother. According to her, “double the size of the house means double the size of the work.”

Suleman repeatedly emphasizes the cleanliness of her new house, which she attributes to a strict system of rules. While most people would assume that a house with 14 children would be overrun with clutter, the Suleman house appears to be spotlessly clean.

“My secret: no crayons, no markers inside,” Suleman explains. However, earlier in the tour, there is a clear shot of two of the Suleman children coloring with markers. So maybe Octomon isn’t exactly the paragon of discipline she’s presenting herself as.

Whatever her methods, though, the children appear to be pretty well behaved. Suleman says that the kids all clean up after themselves and ensure that the house stays incredibly clean.

According to the San Jose’s Mercury News, Suleman is enjoying her new home in the Mojave Desert. Her neighbors are reportedly much more polite and receptive than her former neighbors in Orange County.

Suleman previously received death threats at her Orange County house, but her Mojave Desert neighbors have left gift bags to welcome her to the neighborhood. Suleman did say, however, that she had been egged once at her new house.

Get the full tour of Octomom’s new house for yourself below.