When Titanfall launched in 2014, it was missing one key feature: a single player campaign. The sequel, Titanfall 2, which is due next month, offers a campaign mode, and you can find out more about it here.

Director Steve Fukuda wrote on the game's website that Respawn has been planning to do a single player campaign for Titanfall 2 since the beginning of development. He said “We knew that doing a typical shooter with the gameplay mechanics we built in Titanfall just wouldn’t work. In fact, we tried a prototype of that and it wasn’t fun at all. We wanted to do something new.”

Titanfalls 2’s story really focuses on the story and relationship between  Jack Cooper and the Titan BT-7274. BT-7274 is the first Titan made by the resistance group called Frontier Militia. According to Fukuda, he “embodies the Militia’s culture of teamwork, craftsmanship, and looking out for each other.”

When it comes to Jack Cooper, he’s a rifleman for the militia with aspirations of becoming a pilot. Captain Tai Lastimosa sees Jack’s potential and takes him under his wing, and starts to secretly train him. Jack Cooper and BT will explore the mysterious planet of Typhon and discover the IMC’s intensions.

Fukuda said “We drew lots of inspiration from buddy cop movies and other genres that explored the relationship between man and machine such as Terminator 2 and even earlier works like The Black Stallion. In the end, we are very proud of the story and relationship that we’re telling in Titanfall 2 and feel that as players get to know BT through the game they will develop their own bond with him as well. We know we did.”

Titanfall 2 is launching on October 28th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.