It's only 11 seconds long, but it has become an Internet sensation -- a waving bear. 

A girl waves from a car. The bear positions on its hind legs, and waves back. Nearly two million people have viewed the video, reportedly shot at the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington. One report said animals at the game farm include retired show animals that previously worked in TV, film and theme parks.

Apparently, some like the bear are still putting on a show (see video below).

The comments, predictably, have poured in as well from viewers. One sugested, it must be a gay bear if it waves like that.

Others include:

--Do you think he's related to Yogi bear?

--Don't mean to be a killjoy, but please don't do this again or tease an animal. A bear can't differentiate a human gesture from? a taunt. I'm pretty sure that puny fence wouldn't have saved your face from being clawed by a rushing 800 lb. grizzly bear.

--Probably? just thinking its gonna get food.has probably been thrown food before.dumb humans. yeah,i ts waving at me! idiots.