Waytronx Inc. (WYNX.OB) is a leading provider of thermal management solutions for the semiconductor, solar and electronic packaging industries. Waytronx and its subsidiary CUI Inc., a provider of electrochemical components and industrial controls, have established a long standing relationship with AnderMotion Technologies LLC (AMT) in the quest to seek out and capitalize on innovative technologies.

Waytronx today announced it has signed a worldwide licensing and royalty agreement with AnderMotion, which will give the company exclusive rights for the AMT encoder device. CUI is currently distributing the award-winning AMT, and the companies say the agreement reflects previous collaboration between Waytronx and AnderMotion, as well as what’s to come in the future.

“This licensing agreement is the culmination of five years of development and collaboration between AnderMotion and CUI. The agreement allows CUI to exclusively develop, sell and distribute the AMT encoder worldwide,” Matthew McKenzie, CUI’s president stated in the press release. “The AMT series modular encoder is designed with proprietary, capacitive, code-generating technology as opposed to optical or magnetic encoding.”

“This unique device allows breakthroughs in selectable resolution, shaft-adaptation, and convenient mounting solutions to bring ease of installation, reduction in SKU’s, and economies of scale in purchasing. The AMT amounts to almost 2000 different encoders in one package,” McKenzie stated.

William Clough, Waytronx’s president and CEO, said the companies have proven their effective collaboration through today’s announced agreement and will work together to pursue additional technologies and applications.

“Our long term relationship with AnderMotion and its founder, Ingvar Andermo, along with the execution of this licensing agreement is yet another demonstration of the synergies between Waytronx and CUI,” Clough stated. “With the introduction of the AMT encoder, the C14 encoder, and certain of our other initiatives, Waytronx continues to identify and acquire unique proprietary technologies; introduce those technologies into the marketplace using the CUI infra-structure; and thereby continue our migration to a technology/licensing model.”