Waytronx, Inc. is an up-and-coming company on Wall Street. Waytronx has earned a reputation as a young company that has pioneered and developed innovative thermal management solutions capable of revolutionizing the semiconductor, solar and electronic packaging industries. Today, its subsidiary CUI, Inc. announced an advance power topology license agreement with California Power Research.

CUI, which is known as a strong solutions provider of electromechanical components and industrial controls for OEM Manufacturing, will license the BPS-5 through this agreement.

The BPS-5 is advanced power topology that provides advantages across a wide range of ac-dc and dc-dc power conversion applications through a significant reduction in switching losses with PWM circuits which allows for improved energy efficiency amongst many other benefits.

Leading the way at Waytronx is William Clough who serves as President and CEO of the emerging company. Commenting on what this license agreement with California Power Research will mean to the future of all parties involved, Clough was quoted as saying, “We are very excited to partner with California Power Research to incorporate their BPS-5 technology into our line of products. Our team has developed a road map based on this technology that we feel will take full advantage of its benefits. This partnership continues our mission to bring the latest advances in power technology to market. This relationship continues to demonstrate our commitment to partner with ‘best-of-breed,’ world-class companies in order to acquire, develop, and commercialize leading-edge technology.”

Currently, Waytronx is trading in the $0.13 range. With CUI taking major steps towards improving their future and many other potential happenings in their pipeline, this young corporation is a company that continues to become more attractive to investors.