Episode 2 of Fox’s “Wayward Pines” answered a few of the biggest questions fans had after the show’s enigmatic premiere – viewers now know the disturbing reason residents must always answer their phones. However, the new chapter of M. Night Shyamalan’s creepy mystery series raised a whole bunch of new questions as well, as Burke (Matt Dillon) struggled to find a way out of the terrifying town.

Here are 4 questions we have after episode 2, “Don’t Discuss Your Life Before”:

Can Bill Evans’ Plan Work?

After searching Bill Evans’ dead body, Burke found his dead Secret Service colleague’s map and plan to escape Wayward Pines. Unfortunately, before Burke and Beverly (Juliette Lewis) got a chance to put Evans’ plan in action, Beverly made a fatal mistake. During a dinner double date with Kate (Carla Gugino) and Harold (Reed Diamond) Ballinger – which Burke had hoped would serve as cover for their escape – Beverly let slip that she had a son in her former life. Talking about one’s past is a no-no in Wayward Pines and soon the whole town was on alert, ending in Beverly’s public execution. Will Burke try to follow Evans’ plan on his own? Will the map even work?

Can Burke Trust Kate?

Burke has been hoping that he would have an ally in Wayward Pines in his former partner, Kate Hewson (not Ballinger), but episode 2 cast some doubt on her trustworthiness. Early in the episode, Kate tipped Burke off about the location of Bill Evans’ house. However, later Kate and her husband turned Beverly in for talking about the past, directly causing her death. Can Burke trust Kate or is her allegiance with the town now?

Who Are The Kids On The Bikes?

In the beginning of the episode, while Burke and Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard) continued their confrontation in front of the Wayward Pines fence – another lingering mystery from episode 1 – a group of kids on bicycles drove by and warned Burke not to try to leave. “It’s rule number one,” one of the boys shouted. Who are the kids and why are they out riding in the woods in the middle of the night? Fans previously saw them when Burke first arrived in town. Are they messengers for someone behind the scenes in Wayward Pine? Could they be spies watching Burke’s movements?

Why Did Beverly Die?

Beverly broke the rules of the town with her past confession, but why is Wayward Pines so determined to suppress everyone’s memories? And why is the town so supportive of killing residents for such an innocuous offense? Fans are going to have to wait to find out what is really going on in Wayward Pines.

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