Episode 6 of "Wayward Pines" was hard to read. David Pilcher (Toby Jones) gave Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) the grand tour of the mysterious town's inner workings, but his explanations at times were hard to believe. Meanwhile, Theresa's (Shannyn Sossamon) foray into investigative journalism revealed a few more secrets lurking in Wayward Pines. It seems safe to say that "Choices" left fans with a lot of lingering questions.

Here are four questions fans have after episode 6:

1. Is Ethan Really Going To Help?

At the end of Pilcher's tour, Ethan tells the scientist that the "reckonings" have to stop and the people in the town need to know the truth, but Pilcher is worried that chaos will take over the town -- when he first tried to create Wayward Pines, the reality of the situation (it's the year 4028!) drove everyone into despair. However, Ethan says he will not let there be any trouble. Is the town's new sheriff actually buying into his role? Can he trust Pilcher? Perhaps, the Burkes will be giving Wayward a shot after all.

2. What Is Plot 33?

Theresa does a little digging in episode 6 and discovers an unused piece of land she suggests they develop into a house, but Bill (Michael McShane) rudely shoots her down, warning her against making waves. Theresa hears rumors that the land, Plot 33, could be a way out of the town. What secrets could the area hold?

3. What Is Kate's Angle?

Early in the episode, Kate (Carla Gugino) pays Theresa an awkward visit at the real estate office, cryptically telling her how it important it is that they be friends. Later, it is revealed that Kate and her husband (Reed Diamond) are planning to escape and have roped Ted (Andrew Jenkins) into their scheme. They send Ted to steal a package from Bill. What is in the box? Can Theresa trust Kate?

4. How Did Everyone Make It To 4028?

According to Pilcher, every resident of the town, including Pilcher himself, was cryogenically frozen for almost 2,000 years before they emerged to found Wayward Pines. It seems awfully fortunate that the system Pilcher built would survive the long sleep. Was anyone monitoring the sleeping future residents? Did they really have a power source that held up for 2,000 years? The explanation has some holes that need to be filled in before viewers can believe it.

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