So, fans of Fox's "Wayward Pines" now know that the creepy town where the Burkes are forced to reside exists over 2000 years in the future. In episode 6, David Pilcher (Toby Jones) gave Ethan (Matt Dillon) the scoop about how every resident had been cryogenically frozen for centuries to preserve the human race in Wayward Pines, but elsewhere in the town Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon) uncovered a new mystery. The town's new real estate stumbled upon a piece of land, known as Plot 33, that is rumored to be a way to get back home for everyone trapped in the town. Is Plot 33 really a way out?

Not so fast! "Wayward Pines" showrunner Chad Hodge says that the mysterious piece of land is not going to send anyone back in time. However, there is a secret lurking in Plot 33. 

“I wouldn’t say it’s the show’s next big mystery, but it’s one of them," Hodge told TV Line. "It’s a key to the final chapter of Wayward Pines.” 

Perhaps fans will find out in the next episode. According to the synopsis for episode 7, "Betrayal," Ethan will find a bomb in his car and start to question whether he can actually trust Pilcher and the people in the town. Plus, the promo reveals that Ethan will tell Kate (Carla Gugino) about what lies beyond Wayward's fence, and fans know from episode 6 that Kate is planning on trying to escape. 

In episode 6 Ethan agreed to help Plicher keep order in the town on the condition that the scientiest tell everyone the truth. Will the bomb change things? If so, Ethan could join Theresa and Kate in their search for Plot 33 and a possible alternative to working with Pilcher. 

Watch the promo for episode 7 below:

What is Plot 33? Will fans get an explanation in episode 7? Viewers will have to wait to find out. "Wayward Pines" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.