It is no secret that Rihanna has been a victim of violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, but the singer's new video We Found Love appears to be alluding to the abusive relationship the two shared.

Rihanna and Brown's relationship went south in 2009 after he beat her in his car. Photos of Rihanna's battered face were leaked after the incident. She cancelled her performance at the Grammy Awards that year. Brown was later charged for assault and order to stay away from Rihanna.

The singer casted her rumored real-life boyfriend Dudley O'Shaughnessy as the lead man in her new video. O'Shaughnessy favors Brown, even the blond hair the Rhythm and Blues singer once sported.

The video showed both Rihanna and her lead man at the happiest of times and worst of times, engaging in what appears to be marijuana use, partying and popping pills. The part of the We Found Love video that stood out the most was when Rihanna and O'Shaughnessy were in a car screaming at each other, seemingly re-enacting the pre-Grammy award fight. O'Shaughnessy can be seen grabbing Rihanna's chin out of anger.

At one point in the video the leading man also inked the word 'mine' on Rihanna's derriere.

Finally the video ends with a fed up Rihanna mustering the strength walk away from the dysfunctional relationship.

No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you. Then when it's over, and it's gone, you almost wish you could have all that bad stuff back, so that you can have the good, a voice-over at the beginning of the video said.

Do you think Rihanna has given a glimpse of the fight that went on that night?

Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts.