(04/01/2008 7:10GMT) Nothing has changed much since yesterday in financial markets as the general trend remains a weak dollar. Gold and oil yesterday both rose to new records high shadowed by a full calendar, while the spot light today will still be on the American session and employment figures it has for us.

After the minutes of the last FOMC meeting were released it's now taken for granted that the Feds will indulge in a rate cut their next meeting, as bets are on a 50 basis points cut. That is all based on the future seen for the US economy as they face the worst conditions in the housing sectors in 16 years, which all helped in role deteriorate investors' sentiment.

The euro settled above $1.47 against the dollar, recording this morning a high of 1.4753 then falling slightly to set the lowest at 1.4720. Meanwhile the euro rose against Sterling to settle around its new record high of 0.7475.

Sterling remains weak against majors as expectations are the BoE will indulge in cutting rates to help the economy sustain slowdown in activity, which would be its second consecutive move as the first cut in two years was in December. Until the hour of this report sterling recorded a high of 1.9740 and a low of 1.9699.

As for the Japanese yen it continued its gains against the dollar reaching to the highest in five weeks. The pair recorded its highest at 109.58 in early transactions today then falling to set the lowest at 108.77.