The Weapons Of Syria’s War [PHOTOS]

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  • NATO Patriot Missiles
    Soldiers of the German armed forces Bundeswehr stand next equipment, which is part of the Patriot system, at a Turkish military base during media day in Kahramanmaras Thursday.
  • Israeli f16 jet fighter
    An Israeli F-16 fighter jet appears in flight.
  • Free Syrian Army Fighters
    A Free Syrian Army fighter uses a shotgun to fire a homemade grenade at Syrian Army soldiers during a fight in the Arabeen neighbourhood of Damascus Jan. 24.
  • Free Syrian Army vehicle
    A homemade military vehicle called Sham 1 is seen in Khan al-Assal area November 10, 2012.
  • Free syrian army homemade missile
    A Free Syrian Army fighter makes homemade missiles at a workshop in north Aleppo December 29, 2012. Syria faces "hell" if no deal is struck to end 21 months of bloodshed, an international mediator said on Saturday, but his talks in Russia brought no sign of a breakthrough after a week of intense diplomacy.
  • Free Syrian Army Homemade Rocket Launcher
    Free Syrian Army fighters stand next to a homemade rocket launcher in Sermeen near Idlib Oct. 17, 2012.
  • RTR396CY
    Members of the free Syrian Army use a catapult to launch a homemade bomb during clashes with pro-government soldiers in the city of Aleppo, October, 15, 2012.
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On Wednesday, NATO announced that two Dutch and two German batteries of Patriot missiles had been deployed in Turkey and are now “actively defending” the southern Turkish cities of Adana and Kharamanmaras. These are four of the six batteries of the anti-aircraft, and anti-missile, missiles that NATO promised Turkey to “augment Turkey’s air defenses.” The remaining two are due to arrive from the United States.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has repeatedly stressed that these batteries are for defensive purposes only.

NATO says its Patriot missiles are capable of defending an area with 3.5 million people.

The Patriot missiles are the latest weapons to enter into the theater of Syria’s war, which, while not quite spilling over yet, has definitely done some sloshing over the edges into Turkey and Lebanon and has recently seen the involvement of Israel. Here’s a roundup of some of the weapons, homemade and otherwise, being used in the two-year civil war in the region.

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