Email has been a mainstay of the marketing community for over a decade now. This efficient and effective use of time and money has been a boon for many industries. Now, with the advancements of Flash media, clients are looking for new ways to make their product or service stand out from the competition.

Social media has also taken the marketing world by storm. Recent figures indicate that 50 percent of its 500 million active users log into Facebook each day. Twitter experiences 180 million unique visitors to the site every month, making these giants a must in any marketing arsenal.

Webcast City has stayed a step ahead of the competition by debuting webcast messaging, an ingenious marketing tool that can be used by real estate agents and marketing reps alike. How it works is simple. You sign up for a free account, the same as for most online sites. This creates your own personal control panel from which you can send, post, and track personalized webcasts. This starts with access to a library of webcasts. (Large corporations have their own specific libraries that their reps can access.) By importing a contact list and filling out a few simple boxes with you and your clients' information, you can send out a personalized video message to countless clients.

All webcast email messages are trackable. In your control panel, you are given access to account activity where one can keep track of what one has sent or posted and when this was done. You can also view who has viewed your emails.

Perhaps the best part yet, any personalized webcast can be posted to your favorite social media sites.

The cost of using this system is nominal. Just as with the library of music on iTunes, your webcast costs just $.97 to post or email out -- regardless of the number of contacts. An email to 1,000 clients still costs just 97 cents. And all of your information is completely secure and is never sold to a third party.

Webcast City President, Jody Lane, reveals that webcast messaging has proven to revolutionize response rates. This is the most amazing marketing program ever, he says. Response rates go through the roof when a rep incorporates video into their message. And now that our texts, posts, and emails are trackable, this rate will only climb.

This low cost marketing machine renders massive exposure for its clients. To find out more, and to experiment with the system for free, go to Webcast