This Week in Asia [PHOTOS]

  • Endless Waiting
    Unlikely to receive entry
  • Rohingya In Bangladesh
    Rohingya on boat moored in Teknaf, Bangladesh
  • Separated Families
    unknown chances to reunite
  • Fainting
    Unmet demands
  • Grabbing the Flag
    Not something to be left on the ground.
  • Foreign Policy Leaders of the World's Largest Democracies
    Clinton and Krishna
  • Firepower
    Apache AH-64 gunships.
  • Dummy Tanks
    Preparing for the real deal.
  • Heavily Armed Police
    Violence, met by violence, met by violence.
  • Liu Yang
    Lady In Space
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This week's images highlight:

1. The plight of Muslims minorities fleeing Myanmar;

2. World leaders being themselves;

3. A show of force on the Korean Peninsula;

4. A crisis in Eastern Indonesia;

5. China's first woman in space.

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