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Not Your Dream Vacation

Terrorists are targeting Egypt’s Red Sea tourism -- and it’s working. Daria Solovieva reports on militants and suicide bombers who are increasingly targeting tourists in the popular Sinai peninsula, in an effort to undermine the Egyptian economy.

  • sinai-tourist-bus-blast
    A bus targeted by a suicide bomber burns in Taba, Egypt, Feb. 16, 2014. Photo: Reuters
  • 189513-veterans-day-11-11-11-ceremonies-to-honor-those-who-served-photos
    War veterans salute as flag bearers walk past during a Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia, on Nov. 11, 2011. Photo: Reuters
  • dog-kidnappings-mexico-city
    Signs about lost dogs have quadrupled in residential neighborhoods in Mexico City, including Cuauhtémoc and Lomas. Photo: Reuters/Edgar Garrido
  • Vincent_palmier_Syriacamp-2
    : A husband and wife who fled their home in Syria operate a small market selling mostly candy in the Atmeh refugee camp. Photo: Vincent Palmier

The VA Has Some Explaining To Do

A government whistleblower suffered retaliation after he revealed how the VA ignored veterans’ suicidal tendencies: Jamie Reno looks into admissions by the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding alleged ethical lapses.

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Express Kidnappings Go Canine

In the land of express kidnappings of wealthy people – crimes that are often resolved in one day through the payment of ransoms -- the 'napping of pet dogs is a new growth industry. Patricia Rey Mallén reports from Mexico City.

The Syrian Conflict-Economy 101

How business works from the ground up on the fringes of a civil war. John Beck roams the Syrian-Turkish border zone in search of basic truths about human nature and economics.



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