The past week started with the last thing that anyone in the last week (or any previous week) could have expected: a run on TouchPads. When HP announced last week that the company was getting out of the consumer hardware game, many pointed to the disappointing sales of the company's TouchPad tablets. But when HP dropped the price of the TouchPad to $99 ($149 for the 32GB model), consumers couldn't get them fast enough.

Tuesday's chatter included a rumor that Sprint would offer the iPhone (past and future) starting in October (when the new iPhone comes out, supposedly). Also, Facebook announced some new privacy features, which some say are long overdue and others say were a response to Google+. Either way, Facebook users now have a more user-friendly set of tools to say who can and can't view their content, and a cleaned-up dedicated privacy page as well.

Wednesday was going so well...unless you're Samsung, in which case many of your devices got banned in The Netherlands, or if you're GameStop, in which case you were caught ripping competitors coupons out of games and shrink-wrapping them to make them look unopened.

Then all of a sudden, late in the day, Steve Jobs announced that he was resigning as CEO of Apple. Many fans were devastated with the 'end of an era' theme, but Apple stocks held for the most part, and investors were largely relived that they no longer had to wonder about how sick Jobs really was.

The rest of week limped along, mainly with more discussion about Jobs' iconic tenure with Apple, and the virtues of his successor Tim Cook, and whether the company would survive (the majority opinion is that Apple will do just fine, but it won't be the same).

RIM tried to perk things up with an announcement of its new BBM Music service, but unfortunately most of the coverage tended to wonder why users would pay $5 per month for a 50-song limit (but it's really much more when you factor in swapping, and friends' playlists, and that wonderful BBM social vibe...).


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