Trends and Developments

• The TD Financial Stress Index (TDFSI) was flat for Canada, but ticked up for the U.S., reversing the improvement made in the prior week.

• The dominant influence on the U.S. index appears to have been a 20bps widening in ABCP spreads.

• In contrast, the LIBOR-OIS spread continued to narrow and sits at the lowest level since Sept-08.

• The high cost in medium-term funding appears to be finally easing. In Canada, a 10 bps improvement in spreads in the past week brings the 4-week tally to 32bps in narrowing. Canadian spreads have eased back to late Nov-08 levels, but there is no question that they ultimately remain elevated. In the U.S., spreads have been narrowing at a much slower pace, with a 4-week tally of 10bps.

  • Trump May Be Sleep Deprived Because Of Twitter

    President Donald Trump might have become dependent on Twitter to the extent where he is losing sleep over it. According to experts, it could be affecting his administrative abilities.