One company that is starting to earn a global presence is Weifang Shengtai Pharmaceutical, Inc. Located in Weifang, China, the young company is a subsidiary of Shengtai Pharmaceutical and a leading producer of pharmaceutical injection-grade glucose in China. Today, the parent company announced they have entered into a major agreement with the renowned Chinese company Kelun Pharmaceutical.

The agreement will supply Kelun 10,000 tons of dextrose monohydrate injection grade. Subsidiaries of Kelun will also benefit with Kelun Guizhou being supplied 700 tons and Kelun Sichuan 9,300 tons. The agreement will be carried out by prepayments and was entered into at reasonable prices.

Kelun was founded in 1996 and has evolved into a pharmaceutical group with 16 subsidiaries that sells drugs in 351 varieties of 16 types including IV solutions. The company has the largest number of product varieties and packaging forms in the IV solution industry of China and sold 2.2 billion bottles of injection products in 2009 alone.

Shengtai believes that business between Weifang and Kelun will benefit the two parties in achieving expansion of production and continuous improvement of product quality. Weifang already has 40% of the market and is one of only three licensed manufacturers in China of injection dextrose monohydrate.

With continual improvement in the marketplace and the success already found by this company, Shengtai is a company that investors will want to keep an eye on.

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