width=151Tired of hearing yourself and your co-workers complain about weight probems, then help yourselves to the pastries from the morning's staff meeting? Help is on the way!

width=153The Weight Watchers at Work program will makeover your workplace to become healthier by offering participants all of the success of the Weight Watchers program conveniently in your office.

More than 10,000 American companies have participated in these at Work meetings. This high level of participation speaks to the effectiveness of the Weight Watchers' program and the value of providing such a service to employees in the work setting.

The Weight Watchers at Work program is a weight loss management plan that encourages employees to eat more healthily by using the Weight Watchers' POINTS system, getting more exercise, and becoming more aware of food choices. The program offers the same elements as any other Weight Watchers' plan, including weekly meetings, food plans and confidential weigh-ins.

In order to implement Weight Watchers at Work for your company:

  •  First, contact HR to gain approval
  •  Second, find a location in your office where the meetings can be held
  •  Third, have at least 20 colleagues to participate and then contact Weight Watchers to get started

The cost of the program may be reimbursable from FSA accounts or other pre-tax accounts. While companies pick up part of the tab, Weight Watchers at Work participants will have to pay a portion of the program's fee.


  •  Recognized and trusted weight loss brand
  •  Weight Watchers teaches healthy behaviors and lifestyle changes
  •  Learn to manage weight loss at work, a common diet saboteur
  •  Supportive environment facilitates diet adherence
  •  Confidentiality at weigh-ins
  •  Company participation and reimbursements eases cost burden
  •  Weight Watchers itself is convenient, flexible and effective
  •  Counting POINTS can be discreet


  •  Smaller companies may not qualify
  • Individuals may be shy or resistant to discuss personal issues among colleagues


The Weight Watchers at Work program teaches and relies on the Weight Watchers POINTS system, in which each food is assigned a point value. Members are each given a POINTS range, based on individual health and goals, in which to consume a broad choice in foods in order to lose weight.

The POINTS for each food are based on a calculation of its fat, calorie and fiber content. Just as in golf, you want the POINTS to be low, as the lower the number the higher the nutritional value. For instance, an apple or hummus would have one point, whereas a fast-food hamburger would have 13 points.

The program addresses common dietary challenges found in the workplace, like staff lunches, vending machines, candy bowls, birthday parties and more.

Overall, the plan emphasizes a diet rich in vegetables, lean proteins, low-fat dairy, fruit and moderate amounts of healthy fats.

No food is restricted on the Weight Watchers at Work plan, as long as you stay within your daily ration of POINTS you are free to make any food choice you like. However, members will quickly learn that unhealthy food choices, like fast-food, quickly eats up POINTS and leaves them feeling unsatisfied and hungry; but when nutritious choices are made the feel full, satisfied and those POINTS go a lot further.


A major culprit in our society's growing weight issues is our sedentary workday. Even though the norm is to sit behind a desk motionless throughout much of the day, the Weight Watchers at Work program promotes more activity during the workday.

Whether it be a noon-time walk, parking further from the door in the lot, walking to speak to a colleague as opposed to emailing, or taking the stairs rather than the elevator, each participant is strongly recommended to move more throughout the day.

In addition, participants are encouraged to support one other in their physical activity goals by engaging in these activities together, such as taking a walk over lunch or hitting the gym together after work.


The Weight Watchers at Work program encourages healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors in the workplace, that will also spill over into your home life. Targeting actions in the workplace that facilitate weight gain, like overeating, access to vending machines and being sedentary, Weight Watchers at Work teaches employees how to lose weight in

the workplace via weekly meetings, colleague support, meal plans, confidential weigh-ins and the incredibly effective Weight Watchers POINTS program.

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